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Programs and Tools to Return You to Better Health

At UPMC WorkPartners, our philosophy is simple: focus on the whole person. We recognize that each employee situation is different and we strive to meet you where you are and to provide the best resources for your particular situation.

Your employer has invested in UPMC WorkPartners to bring you a myriad of services. The best way to learn about what services are available is to connect with your human resources department or check your company’s intranet site.

Below are some commonly requested numbers and website links:

LifeSolutions: Employee Assistance Program

If you're like most people, chances are you've felt distracted or overwhelmed at times by a work, family, or personal issue — and the stress of juggling it all. If your employer has partnered with us, you can:

  • Call the LifeSolutions Confidential National Service Center at 1-800-647-3327.
  • Email ask@lifesolutionsforyou.com.
  • Log in to your secure website at www.lifesolutionsforyou.com.
  • If you need to reach LifeSolutions for an emergency situation, call 1-800-647-3327. Or call 911 or go to your local emergency department.

MyHealth: Health Management and Wellness

Our health management and wellness program, MyHealth, offers a variety of programs, tools, resources, and campaigns to help you live your healthiest life. If your employer has partnered with us, you can:

  • Log in to MyHealth OnLine to access programs, activities, and tools personalized to help you achieve your health goals. Partner with a health coach, receive member discounts, and more.
    • Visit www.upmchealthplan.com, enter your User ID in the Member Login box, and click on the Login button. Follow the prompts to enter your password and open MyHealth OnLine. Click on the MyHealth Central link.
  • Get support from a health coach. Looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle or manage a health condition? A health coach can help.

    With your health coach, you can set realistic, timely goals and develop an action plan to:

    Do you have diabetes, asthma, depression, or another chronic health condition? A health coach can also help you:

    • Understand your condition.
    • Identify and manage your symptoms.
    • Know when to discuss concerns with your doctor.
    • Develop plans for taking medications and following your doctor's advice.
    • Understand treatment options.
      • Health coaches are available online through MyHealth OnLine or by phone at 1-866-778-6073.
  • Contact Customer Service. If you have difficulty accessing your account, call the MyHealth & Wellness Service Line at 1-866-918-1590.

Workers’ Compensation, Leave, or Disability Claims


“My health coach always had encouraging words for me. I learned to set goals and meet them. I had a doctor’s appointment recently and, for the first time in my life, the doctor said I was in excellent health!”

Jeremy Koval
UPMC Health Plan member

This website describes general services available from UPMC WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, UPMC WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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