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Health Solutions

A healthier workforce means less employee absence due to medical issues and more engagement and productivity when they’re present. Take a look at our health solutions — ranging from on-site medical services to wellness programs and tools to personalized employee consultations — and start building a more resilient workforce today.

Employee Assistance Programs

A collaboration with WorkPartners means strategically and cost-effectively addressing the impact of human behavior in the workplace. Learn more about Life Solutions EAP and other customizable programs that aim to enhance your organization’s employee well-being, managerial effectiveness, and organizational goals.

Learn about Our Employee Assistance Programs

Employer Health Services

Better management of employee health decreases absenteeism and mitigates medical costs — it’s that simple. WorkPartners offers a full suite of on-site, mobile, near-site, as well as telemedicine technology and Executive Concierge Health Care Services, all tailor-made to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization’s employee population and your bottom line.

Learn about Our Employer Health Services

Health Management and Wellness

With WorkPartners, you have the power to transform the health of your employees. The award-winning UPMC MyHealth program provides the tools you need to establish a culture of health in the workplace and improve employee health. Our strategic wellness account managers align these programs with your overall population health strategies to reduce health care and lost productivity costs.

Learn about Health Management and Wellness

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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