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Consulting Services

WorkPartners' consulting and data analytics services provide employers with solutions to help assess, implement, manage, and measure strategic health, wellness, and productivity programs. We look in detail at individual components of your health and productivity strategy, while also examining your program at an aggregate level to understand all of the key components and how they impact each other. Then we build strategies and scorecards to help you reach your goals.

This integrated approach to identifying and reducing risk across your entire employee population includes emphases on:

At an individual level, we identify the specific controllable and modifiable health risks for benefit-eligible employees that can be impacted through various health and wellness interventions. At the organizational level, we identify the unique trouble spots of the employee population and establish specific targeted focus areas for future health and productivity improvement.

With a team of master’s- and PhD-level bio-statisticians, epidemiologists, and mathematicians, as well as internal experts in the areas of health policy, finance, economics, and information technology, we deliver advanced methods that provide your organization with clinically and economically meaningful results.

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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