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Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Program

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, companies need an engaged and motivated workforce. Workplace stress causes approximately one million U.S. employees to miss work daily. Workers who must take time off due to anxiety or a related condition will be absent an average of 21 days. And employees who are at work and are distracted by personal or work-related issues are not operating at full capacity. The impact of these issues on a company’s bottom line may be double or even triple that of direct medical costs.

Life Solutions, WorkPartners’ employee assistance program (EAP), helps your company align its business needs and the needs of your individual employees and managers. Companies with employee assistance programs have 21 percent lower rates of absenteeism and 14 percent higher productivity rates, according to research from the Department of Health and Human Resources. The typical return on investment is $3 or more for every $1 invested in an employee assistance program. And an employee assistance program does not duplicate benefits already provided through health insurance coverage.

Life Solutions will not only help your company increase productivity, it will also be an effective tool for attracting talent and building loyalty among your workforce. Given all the benefits that employee assistance programs such as Life Solutions offer, it is no surprise that 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies include them in their health and productivity management strategies.

Employee Assistance Services

Life Solutions leverages the value of an organization’s investment in its workforce by increasing employee engagement and productivity. We use our expertise in human behavior in the workplace in two ways: (1) to help employees meet demands and challenges in their personal life and on the job; and (2) to expand manager capacity to effectively address difficult workplace challenges. In the process, we help your company build a resilient workforce — one that’s flexible and able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

As your employee assistance program provider, Life Solutions offers:

A strategic partner. Every organization has a unique culture and its own set of goals. We recognize that each company needs a tailored strategy. We listen to your identified needs and customize solutions to meet them.

Equal focus on employer and employee needs. Life Solutions works with employers to engage and retain a healthy and productive workforce. We support individuals, teams, and the organization to successfully address major change obstacles, thereby building capacity to meet and sustain company objectives. To this end we deliver individual coaching and counseling for personal and work-related issues, as well as consultation and support for human resources staff and managers in effective performance management.

Customized plan design. As a strategic partner, Life Solutions collaborates with customers to understand organizational objectives and budgets and design appropriate comprehensive programs. Our programs include options for online, telephone, and on-site services as well as enhanced service options to meet specific organizational needs. A dedicated account manager provides consultation and recommendations for engaging and effective programs.

Support for managers, supervisors, and leadership. Recognizing that employees in leadership roles have unique needs, Life Solutions provides managers, supervisors, and leaders with comprehensive support services uniquely focused on managerial and supervisory concerns. Our approach is to bring out the best in the supervisor to support the best performance of the employees.

Integrated delivery of benefits. Life Solutions is part of WorkPartners’ suite of health and productivity solutions. We have extensive experience working within an integrated benefit delivery system. We work collaboratively with our customers to transfer this knowledge and approach to ensure that employees have access to the right resources at the right time.

In-house expertise. From a medical director with over 30 years in the EAP field to experienced organization consultants; from experts in human behavior in the workplace to best practice performance management coaching, Life Solutions has what you need. We maintain quality control of responsive service delivery by our own staff and ongoing oversight of our network of licensed providers. Life Solutions’ medical director is available as needed to ensure best-practice care is provided in complex situations. Known for expertise in behavioral health, including substance abuse, our medical director facilitates accurate assessments, appropriate referrals, and quick action as necessary.

Responsive service delivery. Our user-friendly toll-free number answers 24/7. Each Life Solutions care manager has a master’s degree in a clinical/behavioral health specialty, experience in crisis intervention/workplace trauma support, lethality assessment, demonstrated knowledge of community resources, and a commitment to customer service. The employee or household member needs only to make the initial call to access telephone support. Should the Life Solutions care manager need to make a follow-up call, the person to be called will be asked to provide the desired number and best time of day.

Commitment to effective communication. We work with customers to utilize established communication channels and explore other channels to integrate the EAP services into their company’s culture. Life Solutions’ orientations, program materials, and newsletters maintain and enhance employees’ awareness of their benefits and how to access them.

Service Highlights

Essential Services

Services for Employers

  • Unlimited 24/7 leadership, manager and supervisor consultation via telephone to address:
    • Performance-management referral assistance
    • Difficult employee situations
    • Traumatic workplace incident management
  • Education, training, and wellness support on-site
    • Leadership training for managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals to support proactive and performance-based referrals to the EAP
    • EAP employee orientation to the wide range of services and to encourage utilization
    • Wellness workshops on topics, including stress, managing change, and generational differences
    • Alcohol and drug awareness training for leadership, managers, and supervisors
  • Dedicated account manager serves as a single point of contact and works collaboratively to understand organization culture and design effective program and communication strategies
  • Traumatic workplace events support
    • Unlimited 24/7 telephone support for those managing the situation
    • Psychological first aid for those needing immediate assistance
    • On-site support by Life Solutions staff trained in critical incident management and backed by national CISD resources
  • Integration with other providers of leave management/FMLA, wellness, workers’ compensation, and short-term disability services
  • Tailored utilization reports detailing the EAP’s value to the organization and employees
  • Consultation to determine the counseling model and number of on-site hours for training and traumatic incident debriefings that would best meet your organization’s needs and budget

Services for Employees

  • 24/7 employee telephone access and support
  • Coaching and counseling sessions, in person and by telephone, to address family, personal, and workplace issues
  • Access to online work-life resources, including training, self-assessments, savings center, financial calculators, and more
  • Referrals to any of over 100,000 community resources
  • Engaging quarterly newsletters, fliers, and wallet cards
Enhanced Service Options

Personalized WorkLife Services

  • Can be accessed by telephone, email, or live online chat
  • Utilizes personal consultants to:
    • Determine an individual’s specific need(s) and conduct research identifying potential resource options
    • Conduct consultation, research, and referrals in the areas of child and elder care needs, adoption, education resources, legal concerns, financial matters, and daily living needs such as home repair
    • Provide confirmed referrals based on the consultant’s research
  • Enhanced WorkLife website featuring monthly webinars, instant messaging, a savings center, financial and daily living calculators, health tools, skill builders, and more
  • Legal consultation with local attorneys, including initial 30 minutes at no cost and up to a 25 percent discount on attorney rates for additional services
  • Financial guidance with a certified financial professional at no cost in areas such as debt management, budgeting, and spending habits
  • Legal and financial consultation services
Leave Management Assistance Services
  • Proactive support to employees who are off work on a leave of absence
  • Development of a process with the employer that notifies Life Solutions when an employee goes out on a leave of absence
  • Outreach to the employee providing information and a reminder that Life Solutions is available to help with everyday challenges such as financial concerns, child or elder care needs, and navigating the health care system
Coordination of Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services
  • Process developed in partnership with the employer
  • Life Solutions manages the referral of an employee to a substance abuse professional (SAP), including follow-up through program completion; up to one year if mandated by the SAP and/or the employer
Critical Incident Return-to-Work Services
  • Process developed in partnership with the employer
  • Life Solutions will assess an employee after a critical workplace incident and connect the employee with resources when needed to evaluate and treat presenting issues
  • Assessment observations and work-related recommendations are shared with the employer with appropriate signed information releases
  • Employees referred for further treatment are monitored until successful return to work
Stand-Alone Service Options

Organization Consultation Services

Success in today’s competitive environment requires an engaged workforce. Issues of respect, conflict, and a lack of emotional intelligence, among others, directly impact the bottom line. We offer a variety of consultation services to address these challenging workforce issues. Learn More

What You’ll Gain

Today’s workforce must do more with less. In order to thrive, individuals, managers, and employees — the organization as a whole — need to be confident that they are capable of dealing with the challenges that come their way and the setbacks that are inevitable but temporary. Life Solutions can help your organization achieve the resilient culture so crucial to your bottom line. We provide cost-effective health and productivity solutions that do not duplicate what you’re receiving from health insurance coverage.

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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