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The business case for health management and wellness

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors contribute to poor health and increased risk for chronic conditions and disease. As much as 75 percent of medical costs associated with poor health are driven by modifiable health risks and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. WorkPartners’ suite of population health management tools and wellness programs enables organizations to create a culture of health and better manage rising medical, disability and workers’ compensation costs.

Weight Management

WorkPartners’ weight management programs are designed to teach employees about lifestyle habits that may be keeping them from successfully managing their weight — and motivate them to cultivate healthier habits. Our popular weight management programs bring results, helping reduce both employees’ weight and employers’ medical costs. We focus on helping employees make manageable and permanent changes, and building a workplace and social support networks to ensure that weight loss and maintenance continue long after the programs are over.

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Physical Activity

Our physical activity programs promote higher activity levels and offer personalized education and support through expert coaching. From individual coaching sessions to team-based competitions, our programs engage employees at all levels. In a recent study, we found that for each sedentary employee who engaged in physical activities, the employer achieved a $1,500 cost savings per employee over four years.

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Stress Management

WorkPartners’ stress management programs teach valuable coping skills, encourage employees to build support networks, and offer useful techniques for managing stress. These behavior-based methods help employees strike a positive balance between work responsibilities and personal challenges. Programs include health coaching, self-directed programs, and Beating the Blues USTM — an online cognitive behavioral health program for depression, anxiety, tension, and stress.

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Tobacco Cessation

WorkPartners’ tobacco cessation programs support employees looking to kick the tobacco habit. Research shows that people who participate in a tobacco cessation program and properly use a tobacco cessation medication are six times more likely to quit than those who try to quit on their own. Our programs include health coaching, worksite tobacco cessation campaigns, and MyHealth Ready to QuitTM — which provides guidance, treatment options, and motivational support.

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WorkPartners’ nutrition programs educate employees about the benefits of good nutrition, helping them make smarter choices that lead to healthier lives. The programs include a wide variety of health coaching options. For employers seeking to create a healthy work environment, WorkPartners offers Dining SmartTM, an initiative designed to offer healthier food choices for employees.

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Assessments and Screenings

WorkPartners’ health and lifestyle assessment tools can identify health risks, chronic conditions, and modifiable lifestyle risk factors. We offer organizations a wide range of assessments to capture the wellness interests and risks of employees. We also offer tools for organizations to assess their current culture of health, communications, incentive/reward alignment, and overall support for employee health.

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Health Coaching

Health coaching supports employees’ efforts to make lifestyle changes and manage medical conditions. Our health coaches are trained in motivational techniques related to weight management, nutrition, exercise physiology, tobacco cessation, health management, and counseling. Delivery methods include telephone, telegroup, online, self-study, on-site group and on-site personal health coaching sessions to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

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Our award-winning health and wellness incentive platform, Take A Healthy Step (TAHS), provides an incentive framework to engage members through a personalized experience that is designed to decrease risk factors, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. Members can choose from more than 400 health-related activities.

The platform reduces administrative burden on human resources personnel as it helps organizations track member engagements in, and completion of, activities and incentive points or dollars earned. The program accommodates both participation- and outcomes-based incentive programs.

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MyHealth OnLine

Our secure member-only website provides tools, trackers, lifestyle improvement programs and health-oriented information for employees. The interactive site is rich in content and offers a personalized experience to increase engagement.

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This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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