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Secure Wellness Website

One way to engage employees to better manage their health: Give them access to an interactive website they can use to track their health goals — and find resources for meeting those goals.

Our secure wellness website, MyHealth OnLine, includes tools and trackers; web-based lifestyle improvement programs for physical activity, weight management, nutrition, tobacco cessation, and stress management; and access to a 1,000-topic library of health-oriented information.

At MyHealth OnLine, employees can:

Customize their experience. In as little as 15 minutes, they can complete the MyHealth Questionnaire. This is our version of a health risk assessment. Once employees take it, they will see the activities that can benefit them most, get a summary of their current health status, and receive practical, personalized steps for improving their health.

Get expert help from online health education and tools. Employees can browse materials on hundreds of health topics covering many common conditions, procedures, and alternative treatments. We also offer online health improvement programs, helpful videos, downloadable educational materials, and the ability to chat with a health coach.

Enjoy discounts and savings through MyHealth Community. Employees can visit this resource to receive discounts at participating businesses that encourage a healthy lifestyle. These include gyms, spas, salons, health food stores, sporting goods stores, and more.

Manage their wellness incentive progress. MyHealth OnLine is especially effective when combined with our award-winning wellness incentive campaign management platform, Take a Healthy Step (TAHS). TAHS provides a framework for employees to engage in healthy behaviors over the course of a year and earn rewards for participating in any of more than 300 health- and wellness-related programs and activities. Within this platform employers have the opportunity to select the annual requirements to determine which of the 300+ current TAHS activity options will receive credit, and also to add healthy step options. This scalable model has been used in a variety of employer settings and accommodates both participation- and outcomes-based incentive programs.

Learn more about TAHS

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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