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Physical Activity

Physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, is the greatest single indicator of health. Today, only 25% of jobs are physically active — 50% less than 50 years ago.1 And workers are more likely to drive to their place of employment than walk. Physical activity needs to become a priority. WorkPartners’ MyHealth physical activity programs provide a variety of ways for employees to experience the invigorating changes that an active lifestyle can bring.

The MyHealth Physical Activity Solution

The human body is made to be active. Active people feel better, think better, and sleep better; and they tend to stay healthier and remain on the job longer. Our goal is to get employees moving by creating an environment conducive to physical activity. MyHealth physical activity programs and campaigns promote higher activity levels and provide personalized education and support through our expert health coaching. Our MyHealth physical activity programs and services include:

  • Let’s Get Active! Activity program that encourages employees to take a one-mile walk or engage in other equivalent aerobic exercise, at least five days per week for four weeks.
  • Home Run for Health. Nine-week, baseball-themed physical activity campaign that turns logging activity into a game. When participants log activity in My Activity Tracker, activity minutes are converted into step equivalents. For every 10,000 steps logged in a week, one home run is earned.
  • MyHealth Trip. A four-week wellness campaign designed to help participants increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behavior, and learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • MyHealth Step Up to WellnessTM. — Structured health coaching program that teaches employees how to start a personalized physical activity program and stay motivated. Health coaches offer tips for setting realistic activity goals, incorporating physical activity into busy work schedules, and adding strength and flexibility training.
  • Mini campaigns. Workplace campaigns such as Walk for Fitness, Fit in Six, and Run@Work are designed to inform and inspire employees to become more active.
  • Self-directed programs. Online or workbook-based physical activity programs with health coach telephone support.
  • Coach on CallTM. Health coaching over the phone focused on physical activity tips and guidance, which can result in a potential savings in medical costs.

MyHealth Physical Activity At Work

MyHealth physical activity programs encourage employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle by increasing their daily activity level and showing them the benefits of regular exercise. WorkPartners' analytics team estimates a $1,500 cost savings over four years for each sedentary employee who begins to engage in physical activity, with much greater savings for those who achieve the recommended 150 or more minutes of moderate activity — equivalent to brisk walking — per week. Research shows that when health coaching follows physical activity programs, employees are more likely to increase their activity level. Over the past year, WorkPartners health coaches have seen:

  • 79% of health coaching completers increase their physical activity.
  • 63% of health coaching completers attain their recommended amount of physical activity.
  • 58% of health coaching completers move up to the next higher activity level.
“The MyHealth physical activity health coaching program gave me the focus I needed to get more active. My health coach was great. I felt as though I had to answer to her, not just to myself, which helped me a lot. She gave me lots of pointers, including nutrition information. I received a pedometer, which told me how many miles I covered each day. I wore it everywhere. Eventually I wore it out! I go to the gym four days a week now. It’s been more than two years since I finished the physical activity health coaching program, and I am going strong!”

– Frank Germinaro


1. JAMA Internal Medicine, February 2012; findings based on data from the National Health and Nutrition examination Survey, founded in part by the National Institutes of Health.

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