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Clinical Prevention Services

Employee Health and Wellness Programs

The Human Side of Human Capital Management: Clinical Prevention Services

So, you’ve onboarded advanced human capital analytics to identify your highest risk population—now what? We make the most of this data by offering a best-in-class clinical intervention program. KnovaSolutions helps members understand and improve their health with support from a highly trained team that includes medical researchers, pharmacists, and nurses.

The Business Case for Clinical Intervention

We know that healthy employees lead to a healthy business. Here’s a look at how the numbers add up.

5% of people incur 50% or more of all health benefits costs. 5% of people incur 50% or more of all health benefits costs.

These individuals annually average

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How It Works for the Employee

Mental health. Physical health. Any health issue. Our experienced team of clinical professionals engages employees early and often to provide clinical prevention services and decision support for health interventions.

Member Engagement: There’s No Comparison

We know that when advanced human capital analytics give us the data to predict risk and get ahead of costs, traditional employee wellness programs can fall short. That’s why we designed a holistic approach to improving the health of each employee.

Traditional Member Engagement
  • Scripted follow-ups
  • Unanswered questions
  • Unclear ROI
WorkPartners Member Engagement
  • Personalized attention
  • Quality answers
  • 2:1 to 7:1 ROI for employers

Whether it’s helping an ill employee build knowledge to make healthy lifestyle changes or having a nurse or medical researcher on call to answer questions along the way, our clinical intervention services give personalized attention to each employee they engage.

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When fueled by advanced data analytics, workforce management can be come even more strategic and effective in reducing costs and improving employee health status.

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