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Human Capital Analytics

Turning HR Data Into Online Business Intelligence

If you want to understand and monitor your company’s human capital risks and benefit costs, powerful technology with an easy-to-use design might sound like a useful solution.

That’s why our integrated data warehouse comes with a built-in reporting and HR analytics platform. We believe that data and reporting provide the best way to understand the full spectrum of health benefit costs and programs, so we made our business intelligence tool with busy HR professionals in mind.

WorkPartners’ customizable, drag-and-drop human capital analytics features include:

  • Human Capital Risk IndexSM (HUI)
  • Benchmarking
  • Population save
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • Report templates and output options
  • Location controls
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Learn About Our Reporting Modules

Human Capital Risk IndexSM (HUI)
An organization’s overall HUI risk score, HUI scores by subpopulations, and an estimate of the savings opportunity that could be realized through improvements in an employee population’s risk profile.
Program Module
Monitors and measures the effectiveness of an organization’s intervention programs collectively or individually while applying multidimensional filtering.
Integrated Module
Examines trends, identifies areas of opportunity, and assesses outcomes from interventions and policy changes. Integrates data from human resources, medical, pharmacy, short-term disability, long-term disability, workers’ compensation, and payroll.
Health Plan Module
Monitors and measures health plan performance via clinical/diagnostic measures and utilization metrics. Medical and pharmacy data can be combined or broken out, and full filtering/grouping is available to obtain precise drill-down as needed.
Lost-Time Module
Monitors and measures lost-time metrics related to disability and workers’ compensation claims. Clinical diagnoses and injury/accident clinical details are available.
Financial Module
Access to medical and prescription drug payments, premiums, and administrative costs for a financial reconciliation data view.
Clinical Solutions Module
View key clinical prevention service operational information, including key metrics that provide insight into enrollment patterns and levels of service.
Burden of Illness Module
Compare costs and absences of employees with and without a specific health condition. See results for medical, pharmacy, sick leave, short-term disability, long-term disability, and workers’ compensation. Monitor and compare compliance trends for specific drugs or drug classes.
Safety Module
Understand safety programs’ efficacy and get help with OSHA and other regulatory compliance. Analyze the effectiveness of safety programs individually or collectively using the full set of metrics, filters, and grouping available.
Provider Module
Produce a variety of HEDIS compliance metrics and compare onsite clinic providers with community providers.

Flexible and advanced reporting is just one more reason our clients choose our integrated approach to human capital management and HR analytics. And once the risks are known, our clinical solutions service helps to engage employees and improve business outcomes.

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When fueled by data analytics, workforce management can become even more strategic and effective in reducing costs and improving employee health status.

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