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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Since 1997, WorkPartners has been providing workers’ compensation insurance to companies of all sizes in Pennsylvania.

As your workers’ compensation provider, we offer:

Complete program management. We attribute our success to our program management philosophy and the high standards we use to measure our own performance. On every claim, our adjusters and nurse case managers focus on strong medical case management, reliable and thorough claims management, and aggressive return-to-work strategies.

Creative cost-containment strategies coupled with a strong medical delivery network. We integrate cost-containment strategies and statewide panel providers to meet program needs and deliver quality care with preferential pricing. These extensive medical delivery services are offered below the Pennsylvania Fee Schedule to provide additional cost savings.

Risk control services and injury prevention. We partner with our clients to analyze injury trends, injury types, and accident causes. We identify key cost drivers and provide strategic data to develop and enhance an effective safety and loss prevention program. Learn more

Large underwriting appetite. We cover more than 200 classes of business, including moderate-risk and moderately high-risk industries. We have a flexible approach to our underwriting. Learn more

Online tools. Our technology solution enables insured customers to:

  • Submit and view claims online.
  • Submit monthly payroll reports.
  • Pay premiums online.

For our brokers, we offer online rating and quoting capabilities, as well as comprehensive policy management functionality, which includes:

  • Viewing and printing of policies and related documents.
  • Online claims viewing.
  • Viewing of billing related transactions associated with each workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Experienced team of adjusters. Our staff includes experienced in-house claims and medical professionals who deliver a consistent and aggressive approach to workers’ compensation claims. With an average case load below required maximums, our expertise is put to work analyzing, assessing, investigating, and managing claims to bring them to closure.

Dedicated medical case management. Our model for medical case management follows several medically driven principles:

  • A focus on restoring wellness and a safe return to work.
  • The use of meaningful and objective performance measures.
  • And effective management of restrictions.

Our adjusters are supported by a dedicated medical staff of physicians and nurse case managers with extensive workers’ compensation experience.

Escalated case review. We quickly escalate complex cases to our physicians, enhancing our ability to positively impact case resolution. Our medical directors provide peer-to-peer interaction with employee physicians, identify cost-saving opportunities, and collaborate on customized program components and formularies to improve return-to-work timeframes.

Performance measurement and analysis. We have developed industry-leading data analytics to support our clients’ workers’ compensation cost-containment strategies and evaluate overall and specific program performance. We provide reports including:

  • Loss runs.
  • Injury trending.
  • Adjuster performance.
  • Other key measurements.

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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