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Life Solutions Gives You the Tools to be a More Effective Leader

As workplaces evolve, managers and supervisors find it increasingly important to be able to identify and address problems in the workplace while boosting employee morale and retention. That’s why it is imperative to bring out the best in supervisors to support the best performance of employees. This can be achieved through an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that utilizes managerial and work performance consultation. These consultations often incorporate principles from positive psychology, resilience studies, adult learning, and systems theory. Plus, by building a resilient workforce, your organization will have the tools to successfully cope with various kinds of stress within the workplace, thereby cutting down on lost productivity.1

Life Solutions can aid in your organization’s success by equipping your managers with the tools and skills to become effective and motivational leaders. Whether the issue involves dealing with an exasperating employee, managing workplace conflict, or creating a more positive work environment, a successfully engineered EAP can provide solution-focused consultation and coaching to better address it. Leadership coaching can also help your managers and supervisors:

  • Expand behavioral knowledge to decrease stress in the work environment and prevent burnout.
  • Maintain organizational and employee performance standards.
  • Resolve conflict and welcome diverse opinions.
  • Console and stabilize staff in response to grief and loss.

The central relationship between manager and employee plays a critical role in the success of an organization. Managers must learn how best to conquer the challenges of keeping employees engaged in their work, feeling good about the organization, and working productively.2 Leadership coaching strives to address all of these challenges. After all, a manager who engages employees and makes them feel valued is key to secure a more committed, engaged, and creative workforce.

Life Solutions has a six-session training course, Developing Engaged and Creative Employees: Coaching Skills for Leaders scheduled for March. For more information on the course, contact

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2 Lipman, The Type B Manager: Leading Successfully in a Type A World, 2015

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