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Better Employee Well-Being Through Combined Wellness and EAP Programs

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, companies need a healthy, engaged, and motivated workforce. By improving the health and well-being of their employees, and acknowledging the strong connection between physical health and emotional well-being, WorkPartners gives companies the power to transform the health and well-being of their employees by addressing the impact of behavior and health in the workplace. This whole-person approach can increase employee productivity, reduce presenteeism, and positively impact the organization’s bottom line.

WorkPartners understands the toll that health issues and life’s challenges take on workers’ productivity. A comprehensive health and wellness solution helps employers of any size build a resilient, high-performing workforce by providing their employees with self-help tools and one-on-one counseling to support their physical, emotional, and behavioral well-being. This integrated approach removes the traditional barriers between wellness and EAP programs, affording employees an improved experience and employers the opportunity to better understand their health and human capital.

Employers are becoming more cognizant of the interplay between physical, emotional, and behavioral health on the performance of their workforce. Absenteeism and presenteeism are growing problems. Employers are seeking ways to keep employees focused on their job responsibilities — and remain physically, emotionally, and mentally able to take on the challenges of today’s business environment. To illustrate, Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) investigated the key linkages between health, lost time, productivity, and business performance as part of its 2015 research. As part of that research, IBI surveyed employer members. Among the top the five most important health and productivity management issues for employers, four fall under the theme of workforce health and well-being (“workplace culture of health,” “employee health engagement,” and “wellness and health promotion programs,” which tied for fifth place with “well-being” more generally).

A host of issues may impact employee performance: chronic conditions, the responsibilities of caring for aged parents or children, or legal or financial problems. More than ever, employers are looking to support the “whole person” in order to help employees achieve physical, emotional, and behavioral well-being. They also want to understand value in these programs. They want metrics to show that the programs are delivering on their promise.

The benefits of an integrated wellness & EAP solution


  • Increase in overall engagement through increased understanding of the health of your employee population and their families.
  • Ability to provide a high-value service that is easy to use, and allows for your employees to be well cared for.
  • Reduced administrative burden of program delivery, given single partner solution. No need to coordinate multiple vendors, pay multiple bills, or maintain relationships with multiple service providers.
  • A better understanding of the health of the membership population across both physical and behavioral health continuums.
  • Greater cost effectiveness for your health benefit plan dollar.
  • National expertise across two industries in one streamlined package.
  • Supports optimal employee health and productivity, regardless of the medical benefit partner offered.
  • Assists employers and employees with the navigation of the migration from the current health care model to the accountable care model.


  • “One-stop shopping” for all of an individual’s health needs.
  • Comprehensive, holistic assessment of individual needs, and triage by a counselor or health coach who is expert in both physical and behavioral health-related areas.
  • Personalized health and wellness online experience with a greater depth and breadth of resources to support members in changing their health behaviors and eliminating “work/life” barriers to health improvement.
  • 24/7 access to health services and programs at no cost to the employee or their family.
  • Supports the employee in self-care for preventive, chronic condition maintenance, or total well-being care.

This website describes general services available from WorkPartners, and is not intended to provide employee benefits, tax, or legal advice. If you have questions regarding any of the integrated health and productivity solutions described on this site, WorkPartners recommends that you consult with your benefits, tax, and/or legal advisors.

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