Data That Empowers Informed Decisions

Thirty to forty percent of health care costs are driven by overutilization and unnecessary spending. What if you could onboard an advanced data system that could cover rich data sets to help intervene? With our human-centric approach—which brings human capital data and claims data together to create rich data sets that unlock more predictive power from your records and risk modeling—you can.

Our data system can ingest:

  • Compensation records.
  • Disability claims.
  • Absence records.
  • Safety and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Health management wellness program records.
  • Medical prescription claims.
  • Workforce transition episodes.
  • Worker training records and work performance records.

We provide every client with a comprehensive, predictive risk assessment called Human Capital Risk Index (HUI).


Advanced Data Science

With the capability to use larger data sets, the predictive power to identify your high-risk population increases two-fold. Our process focuses on identifying the right people and then identifying best-in-class solutions to help manage your company’s human capital.

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Clinical Prevention Services

Our proprietary predictive data analytics provide the opportunity for highly targeted interventions and engagements. We make the most of this by helping members understand and improve their health with support from a highly trained team that includes medical researchers, pharmacists, and nurses.



Easily understood and accessible reporting is critical to identifying and understanding workforce trends. That’s why our platform is built for multiple user types from executive level dashboards to advanced, highly detailed power user views. It’s why our reporting can accommodate both standard and custom views. And it’s all contained in a highly secure environment.

Quick Implementation

We understand the needs of complex workforces evolve quickly, and our team is dedicated to the most convenient install possible. Our implementation timeline is efficient and low-impact.

Weight Management

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