About KnovaSolutions

KnovaSolutions is a confidential and voluntary personal health service provided by an independent team of nurse clinicians, pharmacists, and medical research librarians.

Your KnovaSolutions team dedicates the time and has the expertise to answer questions about your health, medical care, and prescription drugs for you and your family. Your dedicated nurse will consult with your support team and will talk to you about things that could be affecting your well-being, including helping you with work-, family-, and school-related issues. You can even get information on stress management and nutrition counseling.

Key service features
  • Focus on family and preventive health care
  • Expert clinical staff
  • Confidential service that fits your schedule
  • Opportunity to develop a relationship with your team
  • Connect with your dedicated nurse via phone, email, and our mobile app
  • Complimentary to your medical care

Dedicated to supporting your health

The education and support we provide helps make the most of your provider visits. Your team is here to listen and understand what's going on with your health.

How the service works

KnovaSolutions is a personal health information service that provides you and your family with a nurse, pharmacist, behavioral specialist, and medical research librarian. Your nurse is available by telephone, email, and mobile app and can answer both major to minor health questions. When necessary, your nurse will reach out to the rest of your support team for their expertise. Your nurse will remain with you throughout your time enrolled in the service. A certified diabetes educator may also be provided for you and your family, if needed.

What you can expect from your team
  • Health information: What does my diagnosis mean? How is this medication going to work? Why do I have to have this test, again? How do I get a copy of my medical records? Where can I go for the best treatment?
  • Health options: How do I get better? What is the risk of this surgery? How can I talk to other people who have survived this illness? What is the risk of watchful waiting versus having this surgery? How do I get a second opinion?
  • Healthy lifestyle support: How do I start an exercise program? What support systems are available for me? How do I create a healthy eating plan? How can I decrease the stress and tension in my life? How do I encourage my family to be healthy?
  • Confidentiality. KnovaSolutions is strictly confidential. No personal health information is shared without your written consent and all health data is protected by HIPAA privacy standards.
  • Clinical expertise. The KnovaSolutions service is delivered by a team of highly experienced master's-prepared nurses and doctorate-prepared clinical pharmacists. As a team, they deliver information and decision support tailored to the unique needs of you and your family.
  • Referral to other needed support. Your KnovaSolutions team can refer you to other programs and services that can help you, including an employee assistance program.

Frequently asked questions

The KnovaSolutions service is available to help you better understand and manage your medical care, treatments, and medications. This confidential and individualized service is easily accessed by telephone and email and provides a complete approach to support you with health-related decisions. KnovaSolutions nurses will interact with you to provide access to health information and work with the support team to help you make the best health decisions possible.

KnovaSolutions is strictly confidential. No personal health information is shared without your written consent and all health data is protected by HIPAA privacy standards. Your employer will not be notified that you are participating in the program.

  • Our motto is “Your Health. Your Decisions.” We help you own your health and take control of your decisions to use medical care. Ownership means you truly take responsibility for your health whether it involves daily meal planning, adherence to medications, or decisions about a surgical treatment. We believe the right information at the right time with education and clinical support allows you as a healthcare consumer to make the best health decisions possible.
  • You are a person, not a disease. KnovaSolutions is centered on the entire individual/family and treats you as a whole person. Our person-centered holistic care extends beyond just disease to issues that impact family well-being such as education, job success, family counseling, nutrition, and stress management. Health management is only meaningful in a broader context of life, work, medical treatments, and personal beliefs. Whatever concern you have in your life is our concern too.
  • Caring and prevention are key. In today’s health care system, cognitive service--quality time spent talking with individual patients--is often missing due to medical specialization, physician shortages, and an overburdened health care system. At KnovaSolutions, we listen to our members’ full range of concerns and help them get the most value out of their medical services. We believe in protecting health and preventing damaging behaviors that we have control over. The KnovaSolutions team is key in assisting with strategies to help you live a healthy life.