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Workpartners Analytics transforms your employee data in real time to give you actionable insights that reduce your hidden costs, increase your profitability, and improve the health of your workforce.


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Discover savings in your people analytics.

It all starts with data.

In our more than 20 years of experience pioneering the health care data industry, we’ve saved self-funded businesses millions of dollars.

We’re able to identify more, engage more, and impact more with proven ROI up to 7x. Our benchmarking database includes approximately 500 million person-centric claims.


That is why we are among the best in the industry.

By taking in more than just your medical and pharmacy data and evaluating all your employee data at an individual level, we are able to quickly identify the core problems that place employees at risk.

Our insights empower you to engage employees about the use of their benefits before costly health conditions develop. You can then monitor their engagement in real-time using our flexible and dynamic OB|I analytics and reporting platform.


See how we identify risk.

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Learn how to integrate data

3 steps to cost savings

Identify Risks

The 5/50 problem

On average, 5 percent of employees account for 50 percent of health benefit costs. We identify and assess risk before they develop debilitating and costly health conditions.

Improve employee engagement

40% improvement

Taking an employee-level focus using data-driven insights to deliver personalized tools and solutions we can optimize / improve engagement.

Increase profitability

up to 7:1 ROI

The cost savings we create for your business can lead up to a 700% return on investment.

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