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We activate people.

To help your employees be at their most engaged and productive, we offer solutions covering four essentials of human capital management - analytics, advocacy, absence, and technology. The products and services in each category can stand alone or work together to lower costs and optimize business performance.

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Human data drives population health.

We take a holistic view when it comes to the population health, health care costs, and benefit utilization of your workforce. Our experts provide a human data strategy to help your company achieve business goals powered by healthy employees.

Predictive Risk Modeling

Our data-driven approach to human capital management allows you to discover and predict risk before an employee health issues become more serious conditions.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Your employees are your greatest asset. Workpartners’ population risk analysis helps address your workforce’s needs while reducing your risks and costs. Our advanced data analytics and plan design modeling allow us to identify and predict high-risk groups.

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Dashboard Reporting and Benchmarking

To help your business comprehensively manage data, we created an integrated online platform that accesses demographics, benefits costs, program reporting, safety data, and other health-related data utilization and trends in real time.

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Integrated Data Warehousing

Workpartners provides you with an integrated, customized, and proprietary data warehousing. Our platform structures your existing databases in an efficient and powerful way that allows us to transform your data into actionable information.

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We champion healthy, happy employees.

Keep people healthy through everyday challenges. Our integrated, clinically-based products—which include wellness, EAP, on-site services, clinical prevention services—deliver measurable outcomes. We stand ready to help your organization.

Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) helps your workers balance everyday work-life demands and supports your managers as they address the challenges in today’s workplace.

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Clinical Prevention Services

We identify high-risk employees through AI-driven, predictive analysis, and offer customized solutions to navigate their health and well-being issues with a holistic approach. This makes a positive impact on your employees’ and their families while also reducing your benefit costs.

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On-Site Services

Our on-site services focus on returning employees to work. Employees can seek help with ongoing health issues and complete screening exams with minimal work disruption.

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Wellness and Health Coaching

Award-winning programs address weight management, tobacco cessation, chronic conditions, and other important health issues. Create an overall culture of health that lifts everyone’s energy and attitude—and their potential to positively contribute to your company.

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Get your employees back to work, ready to work.

Get employees back to work with speed and spirit. Workpartners’ absence management programs help your company maintain a healthy, present, and active workforce.

FMLA Management

Turn to us to help manage your employees’ leaves. We monitor compliance with the changing regulations of various agencies and reduce the administrative burden of tracking all types of leaves.

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Short-Term Disability

We help you reduce referrals to long-term disability, develop customized return-to-work strategies, and reduce short-term disability durations. The result: decreased absence costs and disability durations, increased workforce productivity, and an improved bottom line.

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Have their back so you can get them back.

We offer workers’ compensation insurance products and third-party administration services along with a host of safety management and risk control services. With Workpartners, everyone feels good about getting back to work.

TPA Workers’ Compensation

Workpartners is a third-party administrator for workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. We provide complete program management, creative cost-containment strategies, a strong medical delivery network, and risk control services and injury prevention.

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Commercial Workers’ Compensation

We provide fully insured workers’ compensation with superior claims management and safety management and risk control services. We use a proactive approach, partnering with you to help prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring in the first place.

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Safety Management and Risk Control

We improve the health, safety, and productivity of your workforce and empower organizations to take control of escalating workers’ compensation costs. Our team consults with you to help identify, evaluate, and control health and safety issues your employees are exposed to on the job every day.

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Medical Management

Our model for medical case management follows key principles ranging from a focus on restoring wellness and a safe return to work, the use of meaningful and objective performance measures, and effective management of restrictions.

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Work smarter, not harder.

A cloud-based HR platform from our affiliate, eBenefits, makes benefits administration and ACA compliance a more positive experience for employees and HR teams alike. Engage your employees through high-tech platforms with high-touch performance.

Benefits Administration

Employee benefits management made easy. Personalize an experience that streamlines even the most complex employee packages and plans. That helps your HR team save time AND money.

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ACA Compliance

We continually monitor the latest changes to the ACA so you don’t have to. Our ACA reporting software simplifies complex compliance requirements and helps you avoid serious penalties.

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Consumer Portal

Our integrated solutions at work. See for yourself how easily you can manage all aspects of your company’s benefits management with just a few clicks.

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We’ll assess your workforce, identify areas of opportunity, establish targeted solutions, and assist you in implementing your customized health and productivity strategy so that you can focus on achieving your company’s strategic goals.

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