Part of the world-renowned UPMC global health enterprise, UPMC WorkPartners provides health and productivity solutions to high-performing companies throughout the United States. Our products and services are designed to identify your organization's health and productivity needs, build better strategies, effectively manage programs, and continually monitor and measure to drive the outcomes you need to control organizational costs and improve employee productivity.

Our experts deliver both tactical services that align with your existing health and productivity programs, and fully integrated comprehensive solutions designed to provide your organization even greater results.

Member Assistance Program Now Available for Unions

Physician Assistance Services Available: Support for Physicians in a Changing Health Care System

Proven cost-saving solutions with expert medical absence management for fully insured PA employers.

Comprehensive third-party administrative services and expert leave, disability, and workers' compensation program management.

Employee- and employer-focused solutions to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism and improve employee productivity.

Award-winning health promotion, wellness, and health management programs for a healthier employee population.

Mobile, retail, and on-site health services to decrease employee absences and improve overall productivity.

Solutions to help assess, implement, manage, and measure strategic health, wellness, and productivity programs.

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