Taking on new challenges, Angie looks for ways to support herself and her family.

This is her story.

Angie Hero

New responsibility

Angie was learning to manage her recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes when her sister suddenly passed away. Without question, Angie takes on the responsibility of caring for her nephew with special needs.

Angie Responsibility

Health close to work

At work, Angie found the support she needed to manage her diabetes through the on-site clinic her employer offered. That benefit greatly reduced her time away from her job, making her more productive at work.

Provide health services at work
Angie Health

Searching for solutions

A year later, Angie found that providing care for her nephew left time for little else—including work. Feeling hopeless and depressed, Angie began searching for solutions. Angie reached out to her employer to discuss FMLA options and was immediately connected to the company’s EAP counselors for additional support.

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Angie Solutions

Supporting a family

While Angie was on FMLA, she made sure to keep in touch with her EAP counselor. Not only did her counselor find Angie resources to help her with the depression, the counselor also found a group home for Angie’s nephew that allowed him to be well-cared for, independent, and close to Angie’s home.

Angie Family
Angie Time

Time for Angie

Comforted that her nephew was getting the care he needed, Angie was able to return to work. She wanted to start caring for her mental and physical self again, so she took more advantage of her well-being services, including finding a health coach to help her achieve lifestyle goals.

Workplace wellness can close gaps

A new normal

A year later, Angie is less stressed and depressed and is actively managing her diabetes without medication. More confident, Angie also noticed she was more engaged in her work—but she wasn’t the only one to take note! Angie recently accepted a promotion and continues to enjoy her newfound perspective on health, wellness, and life.

Angie Normal


By activating Angie, her employer was able to reduce her time away from work, improve her productivity, and significantly reduce her health care costs, saving her employer countless dollars in recouped productivity and reduced medical costs.

Angie Activated

Workpartners’ integrated advocacy services can activate your employees and improve your bottom line.

On-Site Services

We want your staff to be healthy and productive without having to miss work. On‑site health centers are a great way to bring the health services your employees need to your business.

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Combining FMLA + EAP

Employees who are not at work have been shown to see greater increases in depression as well as other health issues. By connecting FMLA with EAP, employers can help employees get the care and support they need. That helps people return to work faster, saves employers money, and keeps employees engaged.

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Health Coaches

Our health coaching programs help employees overcome barriers so they can make lifestyle changes that last. Our assessment and screening tools provide valuable information about employees’ health and identify potential health risk factors.

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