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A Helping Hand From Expert Health Coaches

Unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to serious physical ailments that require extended absences. According to the American Institute of Stress website, stress in the workplace causes approximately 1 million U.S. employees to miss work every day. And employees who are at work but are distracted by personal or work-related issues are not operating at full capacity.

Our robust programs and services help your employees improve their health. Once they decide to make important lifestyle changes, Workpartners stays with them every step of the way, offering support and guidance how, when, and where they need it.

Help your workforce manage their health

Spread healthy behaviors throughout your organization.

Improve employee health and reduce health care and productivity-related costs with the help of our health coaches. When you increase employee engagement, you increase graduation, and we have all the tools to better engage your employees, so your business achieves measurable results.


Estimated annual savings for each graduated member

Program options provide participants with flexibility and convenience.

Health coaches have extensive expertise in many areas; they are registered nurses, licensed counselors, certified diabetes educators, board certified health and wellness coaches, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and certified health education specialists. Many are credentialed through the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching‎ Credentialed Health Coach Training program.

All of our health coaching programs drive engagement around each person’s specific needs. Regardless of the option selected, a health coach guides progress and helps increase accountability. Each of our coaching programs includes:

  • Education materials that build knowledge and prepare participants for change.
  • Interactive activities that guide participants as they create a personalized improvement plan.
  • Toolkits of all required materials for each program.
  • Post-program activities and support to help participants maintain success and healthier lifestyles.

Lifestyle management

Making lifestyle changes is often easier said than done. Our popular lifestyle management health coaching programs empower and equip participants to make healthy, long-term behavior changes.

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Condition management

Workpartners’ condition management programs offer counseling and services to support employees who are dealing with long-term, chronic health issues. We have programs for asthma, diabetes, depression, heart disease, and more. Let us help your employees develop the skills and healthy habits they need to successfully manage their health.

Learn more about condition management health coaching programs

Digital health solutions

Our digital solutions help employees manage their health and wellness from the comfort of home with telemedicine, virtual health coaches, and other health management tools. Our latest tool, the RxWell app, uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help your employees manage stress and improve their well-being—all from a smartphone.


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Healthy, happy people make productive employees.

Health and lifestyle coaching creates healthy, happy people who make more productive and engaged employees. Start the conversation today to see how we can help you activate your people.

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