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Tech-Enabled Clinical Tools

Our member-centered clinical tools are a result of our industry-defining association with UPMC. We have applied that clinical expertise to delivering technological solutions that motivate members to connect with intelligent tools that support them on their well-being journey, driving engagement and improved outcomes.


RxWell delivers cognitive behavioral therapy through a custom, personalized experience. Employees can use it anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. Each section of the app offers self-guided activities and techniques that our experts recommend for help coping with the stress and anxiety.

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Evidence-based technology for employees

Digital interventions can help your employees self-manage their wellness journey and can have a marked improvement in engagement and outcomes. Our clinically validated programs address the physical and psychological factors that affect their health and wellness.

KnovaSolutions clinician connection

For employees participating in our clinical services program to improve their health, get decision support, and help manage conditions, the KnovaSolutions mobile app is an easy way to connect with a dedicated nurse. KnovaSolutions allows employees to send and receive files, track and share medications, and receive alerts. The technology also makes understanding and tracking their health status via the HUI score as simple as logging in.

Robust telemedicine offerings

When staying at home for care is a good option, Workpartners offers a full suite of telehealth technology—from onsite clinic solutions, to behavioral health visits, to PCP appointments, health coaching, and more.

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