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Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Aggregation

Not only a data warehouse but a foundation to optimize your human capital costs

Creating this integrated, person-centric data warehouse is the most critical step to understand your total health liability. It provides the lens needed for actionable information that can engage your employees and link them to the resources they need to improve their health conditions. And in doing so, you create a healthier, more resilient workforce while also optimizing your company’s bottom line.

Our flexible systems and approach allow us to quickly and easily ingest data from a variety of sources using a late binding approach—which means we can stand up your program in a matter of weeks, not months. We aggregate data from your separate, transactional systems at the lowest level of granularity with minimal transformation—allowing for ongoing flexible analyses.

With an integrated, person-centric data warehouse, you now can easily drill down into the information in a multitude of ways. This could be a company view, department or shift view, or an individual employee view.

If you have the right strategies in place, as well as the ability to quickly analyze your data and identify areas to address, you have a very powerful tool to improve employee engagement and health.

What makes the Workpartners data warehouse different?

Our analytic and reporting platform uses your existing data and integrates with our Research Reference Database. This database is what makes our platform stand out.

It contains secure data on nearly 4 million people from more than 100 self-insured employers and is the most comprehensive database in the industry.

We can help you:

  • Identify waste in business policies, health plan options, benefits design, and compensation programs.
  • Offer the right incentives to drive positive employee behavior.
  • Benchmark performance of companies across industries, size, and location.

Get the most from your data.

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