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Measure your Health Risk so you can Manage it

Workpartners' organizational consulting services take a detailed yet holistic look at the individual components of your health and productivity strategy. We help you understand how they impact each other, and then we build strategies and scorecards to help you reach your goals.

Integration works

This integrated approach to identifying and reducing risk across your entire employee population includes a look at:

  • Analytics
  • Corporate policy review and development
  • Employee assistance programming
  • FMLA and other leaves
  • Incidental absence
  • Wellness
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Short-term disability
Lasting change begins with knowledge

At an individual level, we identify the specific controllable and modifiable health risks for benefit-eligible employees that can be impacted through various health and wellness interventions. At the organizational level, we identify the unique trouble spots of the employee population and establish targeted focus areas for future health and productivity improvement.

With a team of master’s- and PhD-level biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and mathematicians, as well as internal experts in the areas of health policy, finance, economics, and information technology, we deliver advanced methods that provide your organization with clinically and economically meaningful results.

Health and productivity roadmap

The lack of a clear strategy to address the core drivers of poor health, excessive medical costs, and lost productivity has deterred a comprehensive, integrated, and proactive approach to meet these challenges. The Employer Health and Productivity Roadmap, comprising six interrelated and integrated core elements, creates a framework of shared accountability for both employers and their health and productivity partners.

The roadmap implements and monitors actionable measures that improve health, maximize productivity, and reduce excessive costs. The strategy is most effective when linked to a financially incentivized health management program or consumer-directed health plan insurance benefit design.

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Health and productivity performance index (HAPPI)

HAPPI is a global evaluation of an organization’s culture of health. This proprietary instrument evaluates leadership and culture, communication, reward and incentive alignment, programs and services, and physical environment and can be used to set program goals and objectives and evaluate progress.

Population risk analysis (PRA)

Workpartners can conduct a comprehensive PRA to provide an overview of your total human capital costs. This evaluation provides insight on your employees’ benefit consumption behaviors. It also identifies the trends and issues that relate to your organization and benchmarks them against leading industry indicators.

We focus on identifying at-risk employees and offering them personalized clinical decision support, because that can dramatically improve their health and well-being, reduce absences, and reduce your company’s benefit costs.

Disruptive event management (DEM) consulting

DEM supports leadership and employees during a disruptive event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or other natural or man-made disasters.

The DEM program can help you create a culture of psychological safety while encouraging resilience, reciprocal support, and self-care. Our team of response experts is available for unlimited consultations throughout this current crisis, whether directly related to COVID-19 or any other disruptive events, such as the death of an employee or a workplace injury.

We are available to support your team members telephonically or virtually by facilitating a resiliency group.

Help your employees be happier, healthier, and more engaged.

Don't let modifiable health risks and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors drag down your employees and your bottom line. Let us help you turn your workplace into a well-place.

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