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Create a Workforce That Thrives

Employee absence affects more than your bottom line. The hidden cost of absence to an organization is the stress it puts on the team members who must carry on the work when a fellow employee is absent. Moreover, if an absence request is handled incorrectly, it could present a liability and financial burden that is far greater than that of the absence itself.

Our solutions will help you respond respectfully and consistently to your employees' absence requests, giving them the time needed to improve their health and morale so that they can be their best, do their best, and achieve their best.

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The Value of Integration

Workpartners is uniquely able to provide integrated reporting across all your employee absence, disability, and workers' compensation programs. This integration and data technology allow us to calculate return-on-investment and return-on­ value statements. The benefits of outsourcing allow you to measure and track metrics that inform decision making and improve the overall health of your employees. Workpartners will collaborate with you to develop a custom program that will yield an efficient, responsive, and compliant program for your organization as well as your employees.

Boost productivity, maintain compliance, and get your absent employees back to work sooner.

On average, clients partner with Workpartners to manage their leave programs realize an ROI of between 2- and 10-to-1. Our performance against industry benchmarks:

8 Less days spent on short-term disability (STD), despite a similar incident rate.

27% Lower incident rate.

20.4% Fewer lost workdays.

Leave administration

We cover various types of leaves, including FMLA, military, intermittent, and those that are employer-sponsored. We coordinate with short-term disability, long-term disability, and workers’ compensation groups, and connect employees to other resources like employee assistance programs (EAPs), health and wellness programs, and other employer benefits to help your bottom line.

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Integrated absence reporting

Workpartners easily coordinates absence data from multiple vendors and software platforms to ensure seamless data integration. This real-time, integrated snapshot of absence data from all sources—including short-term disability, long-term disability, and workers’ compensation—allows us to partner with you to analyze trend data to identify possible absence abuses and improve planning of and compliance with absence management policies.

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Working in close partnership with you, we will establish and define time frames for referral to our compliance services for the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADAAA). Our full-service offering includes receipt of the initial request, ongoing evaluation, reasonable accommodations, and more.

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Short-term disability

We help you reduce referrals to long-term disability, develop customized return-to-work strategies, and reduce short-term disability durations. The result: decreased absence costs and disability durations, increased workforce productivity, and an improved bottom line.

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Return to work

When an employee goes out on leave, Workpartners supports them every step of the way as they get well. That includes the final step—returning to work—which is just as important as the initial leave request. Learn more about how your business can handle this step to get the most out of your employees.

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Nurse case management

Clinical management is critical to the leave process and helps avoid ongoing absence management issues. Whether you have an employee out on short-term disability or FMLA, we believe medical oversight is essential to achieving the best possible outcomes.

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Risk and safety

Our team consults with you to help identify, evaluate, and control health and safety issues your employees are exposed to on the job every day.

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Workers' compensation

We provide commercial workers’ compensation to clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland with superior claims management, safety management, and risk control services. We use a proactive approach, partnering with organizations and their brokers to help prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring. When they do occur, we look for opportunities to return employees to work, while being cognizant of their injuries and time needed to recover.

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Don’t let absence administration take over your to do list.

Our full suite of integrated absence management services includes short-term disability and leave administration. We can help employers looking for a trusted partner to reduce employees’ time away from work in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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