A successful business owner modernizes his business and finds some extra benefits along the way.

This is his story.

John Hero

With new power…

What used to be a small business has taken off, and John now employs more than 1,000 people. Overwhelmed by the complexity of benefits management at this scale, John knew he needed a solution without bringing on even more staff.

John Power

A new discovery

On a recent webinar John learned about benefits administration solutions offered by Workpartners and was intrigued by the easy-to-use benefits administration technology. He was even more pleased to learn it can integrate with his existing systems.

Easy to use benefits administration
John Discovery
John Enrollment

Open enrollment, simplified

Finally ready to make the leap away from a paper-based enrollment process, John implemented eBenefits for his upcoming open enrollment period. His employees loved being able to compare their plans side by side, and John appreciated how much time he got back. He enjoyed one of the easiest open enrollments of his career.

Real time data

Not only did eBenefits make open enrollment a breeze, the built-in Online Business Intelligence (O|BI) platform also gave John access to a wide breadth of employee information. For the first time, John was able to see benefit utilization in real time—and was in a better position to start trending and analyzing his true benefit costs.

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John Data

One step further

Eager to start reducing his employee health care costs, John found his solution in Workpartners’ engagement platform and wellness programs, giving his employees a new way to engage their physical and mental health.

Improve your employee wellness options
John Step


Two years later, John’s company is still growing. He’s been able to use his extra time to focus on growing the business, and his employees are more engaged than ever. Not only did John save time and money on the administration side, he also saw company health care costs dip significantly.

John Activated

Workpartners’ technology services makes benefits administration easier and more cost effective.

Benefits administration

eBenefits is a state-of-the-art benefits administration platform designed by HR professionals to meet the needs of any company. The platform integrates with your current systems and makes the benefits process a breeze.

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Online Business Intelligence (O|BI)

Our O|BI reports put real-time employee data at your fingertips. Our customizable platform allows you to see a wide breadth of employee information, enabling you to make real-time decisions that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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As much as 75 percent of medical costs associated with poor health are driven by modifiable health risks and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. Improving these behaviors is our specialty.

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