In needing to change her everyday habits, Jane finds a healthier outlook on life.

This is her story.

Jane Hero

Needing a change

Jane was struggling with her weight and body image and was battling depression too. Her BMI was 58, she had a habit of missing work, and she fell into bad health habits when she was under stress.

Jane Change

Identified as high-risk

By integrating the company’s wide array of benefit claims at a person-centric level, Workpartners was able to anonymously isolate the high-risk employees. Jane was one of the 5% of employees who account for between 50-60% of the organization’s health care costs. And, because her company offered KnovaSolutions for this group of individuals, she was able to enroll in clinical intervention support for advice and encouragement.

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Jane Identified
Jane Steps

First steps to health

Jane spoke with a health coach, who encouraged her to improve her diet and start walking every day. During the first month Jane lost 20 pounds, started seeing a therapist, and took up gardening. As the year went on, she used other Workpartners programs to stay on track. She was happy at work, felt much better about her body, and started loving life again.

Two steps forward, one step back

Her father was involved in a serious car accident. Jane took care of him but not herself. She stopped walking and abandoned her healthier diet. She gained weight, and her depression returned.

Jane Back

Being proactive

This time Jane didn’t wait for her condition to worsen. She reached out to her KnovaSolutions team, who connected with her company’s EAP counselors and health coaches. She started eating more nutritious foods, began walking again, and got back on a positive track.

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Jane Proactive


At the end of the year, Jane’s work performance improved so much that she earned a promotion. She started running with her co-workers on the weekends, and with her newfound confidence she set her sights on completing a half-marathon. She conquered obesity, poor nutrition, and depression—nothing is going to stop her from crossing the finish line.

Jane Activated

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