A change to a federal law put this company in an unstable financial situation. Our analytics, combined with targeted intervention, helped it to financially thrive.

This is its story.

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Upsetting the balance

In 2013 Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was a self-insured nonprofit with nearly 5,000 employees and $1.9 million in reserve. Changes to a federal health law and a series of high-cost claims began to upset this balance. By 2015 its reserve was gone, replaced by a $3.1 million deficit.

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Taking the right steps

C&MA partnered with Workpartners to develop a plan to recover, using integrated data warehousing, clinical decision support, and econometric modeling to reflect benefit design recommendations.

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Crunching the numbers

By integrating person-centric data beyond health plan and pharmacy to include STD, Workers' comp, and more, Workpartners was able to show that 5% of employees accounted for 57% of their total health liability expenses, with an average cost per employee of $48K annually.

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Targeted intervention

KnovaSolutions’ targeted clinical intervention programs helped engage these high-cost employees. Over time their engagement in the program helped to improve their overall health status and ultimately reduced the organization’s overall benefit costs.

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A new plan for prevention

C&MA introduced a single new health plan and health savings account that encourage use of primary and preventive care and reduce health care waste.

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C&MA saw its average employee risk scores fall 14% from the 2015 peak, reflecting improved health for its members. Monthly costs dropped 40% from 2016 to 2017, despite national costs continuing to rise.

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Taking a multifaceted approach, KnovaSolutions’ targeted clinical intervention works with your employees to put them on the path to optimal health. With a 90 percent satisfaction rate, this program is beloved by employers and employees alike.

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