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Increasing Employee Clinical Program Engagement

Organizational Challenge

In taking a closer look at employees on FMLA leave to care for a loved one, it was discovered that depression rates doubled after taking the leave (fig. 1). This was a population that started out with lower prevalence of depression compared to a matched population. Subsequent to their leave, depression rates not only doubled but exceeded those of the matched group.

Figure 1: Integrated Data Identified High-Value Target Population: FMLA Care of a Loved One

Strategic Actions

To address the increased risk of depression among FMLA caregivers, Workpartners implemented an engagement plan that immediately reminded employees of their EAP benefits at the time they called to file the leave. Callers were warm transferred to an EAP counselor, if they desired. The result was an almost 400 percent increase in engagement (fig. 2).

Figure 2: EAP Participation Results

The Results

There is a marked difference between the employees that pursued the EAP referral versus those that did not. Those that engaged with the EAP returned to work sooner by almost four days, leading to savings in medical claims of $1,748 per employee.

Our unique approach helps your employees appropriately engage in their benefit programs while at the same time reducing overall benefit-related costs. Driven by our ability and focus on integrating data across traditionally siloed benefit lines, we maximize the value of programs available to employees to mitigate time away from work.

*This member experience is based on likely outcomes and is representative of an actual member experience. However, the realized results and experience will be individual and unique to each member. It is not a guarantee, promise, or reflection of the feelings of an actual member.


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