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Absence Management

On-Site Health Services can Reduce Absence

One way to combat unscheduled absences is to treat ailments before they cause a work absence. Workpartners provides on-site health services with the overall goal of making employees healthier. On-site centers provide a dedicated space for employees to receive medical treatment for acute ailments (such as sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and pharyngitis), preventive services (primarily flu vaccinations), and occupational triage. An on-site health center is a perk for employees. Unlike emergency rooms, urgent care, or physician visits, there is no copay. It benefits employers by keeping employees at the worksite; and since employees do not have to leave to receive treatment, on-site care saves an average of three hours’ productivity time per employee that would otherwise have been spent visiting a PCP. Workpartners’ largest client experienced a total ROI savings of approximately $2 million in 2015. These centers can lower employer health cost trends over time by helping employees identify and better manage chronic conditions, lifestyle risks, and gaps in care. Workpartners’ Director of Clinical Health Operations Leonard Eisenbeis and his team discovered that “when our on-site health center personnel referred employees to follow up with their PCP, almost half did so on the same day. Our findings indicate these referrals improved management of chronic conditions and overall health as well as reduced acute episodic flare-ups.” On-site clinics are an effective option for employers looking to reduce costs and absenteeism. Workpartners can tailor the on-site service to the employer’s specific needs, including options for telemedicine and mobile units.

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