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March 29, 2023

Workpartners® Announces Expansion of its Workers’ Compensation Services into District of Columbia and Virginia

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Denise Hughes
UPMC Health Plan

Expansion delivers efficient, whole-person approach to support employers and their workers

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 29, 2023) –Continuing its tradition of bringing best-in-class efficiencies and economies of scale to address companies’ work-related claims, Workpartners®, an affiliate of the UPMC Health Plan, today announced that its Workers’ Compensation service area is expanding into the District of Columbia and Virginia.

“Our goal is to assist companies in creating strong, competitive business strategies to compete by helping their employees thrive and be the most productive. This is where Workpartners’ expertise in managing employees and their health-related costs is best utilized,” said David M. Weir, President of Workpartners.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Workpartners currently maintains additional operations in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and West Virginia.  As part of Workpartners’ integrated, data-based “whole person” approach to human capital management, our workers' compensation team will meet growing regional demand in Washington, DC, and Virginia for customizable, analytics-driven management products developed collaboratively with employers and brokers.  This unique approach provides professional claims management of takeover and new claims, case management support for injured workers, physician peer review, strong analytical safety support, safety committee support, medical cost containment, OSHA reporting, and other complementary services.

“Our holistic approach has been instrumental in returning employees back to work quickly and safely while creating overall employer and employee satisfaction. That’s why we are truly excited to bring our Workers’ Compensation Group Services to the District of Columbia and Virginia areas,” said Jeff Swaney, Vice President of Workers’ Compensation for Workpartners.  “Our comprehensive claim and medical management programs have been instrumental in managing costs for our employers along with delivering innovative support programs for their employees.”

Workers’ Compensation is just one part of the Workpartners progressive suite of services in managing employee populations. Integrating diverse data that braids together productivity measures and health and wellness outcomes allows companies to understand the needs and behaviors of their employees, individually, and as a whole workforce. These insights are then used to develop or adjust processes, policies, and programs aimed at supporting a happy, productive, healthy workforce.




About Workpartners

Workpartners, The People Activation Company, is part of UPMC. We address human capital challenges with a holistic approach, integrating products and services such as leave and disability, employee assistance, benefits administration, on-site services, and health and wellness services. Our data analytics capabilities share critical insights to employers, converting data into actionable intelligence at an individual employee level. Powered by robust predictive analytics, clinical excellence, and progressive thought leadership, Workpartners delivers people-centric human capital management strategies. Workpartners is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices and people around the United States, and serves high-performance organizations in more than 200 industry verticals across the country. For more information, visit workpartners.com.


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