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Eye on Engagement Newsletter - Spring 2024

Core Competency Spotlight: Analytics and Absence

How Workpartners® integrated data analytics revealed hidden health and wellness complications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, there was a problem with measuring its full impact—there wasn’t a diagnosis code for the illness until 2021. Many people who contracted COVID or dealt with the repercussions around it could not be accurately tracked.

With the introduction of COVID-19 diagnosis codes in 2021, we were able to provide far more detailed reports, including to one of our Healthcare clients that wanted to assess how COVID-19 affected its workforce and organization. Our analytics became more impactful as we gathered data year over year, allowing us to provide insights into broader trends that may only reveal themselves over time.

Through our integrated analytics, we were able to show which facilities had the highest number and percentage of mental health leaves caused by COVID-19, and break down those leave requests by job title. Giving management additional insight as to who was at greatest risk for requesting a COVID-related mental health leave.

Success Story: Click here to learn more about how we can identify hidden, but important insights for your clients.


Products and Service Innovations

Workpartners Executive Discusses the Importance of EAP Programs

When it comes to health and wellness in the workplace, experts agree that there is a direct correlation between an employee’s mental health and his or her performance at work. Our Senior Director of LifeSolutions®, James Kinville, discussed the importance of Employee Assistance Programs as an increasingly valuable benefit plan option for all clients in any industry.

Providing clients with real time, integrated absense reporting

In a world where business owners need to know in real-time who is calling off for the day, we found that other communication channels like email and text were not always reliable. Absence Monitor is a proprietary, online tool we created to help us and our clients receive real-time communications about absences for the day, obtain approvals faster, and have the ability to adjust staffing sooner.

Improved wellness campaign and challenge platform

When developing a wellness incentive design, it is important to know that there is no
one-size-fits-all approach. Our Take a Healthy Step well-being program offers scientific, evidence-based tools, programs, and strategies to help employees live healthier and feel better.

The program uses the latest digital engagement technology, which allows employees to have a gamified, but personalized wellness experience. They can complete in fun, engaging activities and challenges; browse trending topics; and engage in activities that organizations promote. Employees can also use social media-style features (such as liking others’ posts) through a messaging feed and easily track their progress toward completing levels and earning incentives.

From Our Leadership

Opportunity. Innovation. Excellence.

Last year, we made many gains—with no signs of slowing down. We're on track to continue to drive innovation for you and your clients, delivering personalized tools and solutions. We’re excited about all the ways we’ll get there, and we hope you are too. Stay up to date on our path to progress across our core competencies: analytics, advocacy, absence, and benefits administration. Welcome to the journey!

Innovating in new areas

Every business faces unique challenges. That means every one of your clients—and every one of their employees—deserves personalized service.

All of our programs addressing time away from work, including absence, short-term disability administration, ADA/ADAAA, and workers’ compensation, are delivered through top-of-the-line programs. We are uniquely able to provide integrated reporting across all employee absence, disability, and workers’ compensation programs. This integration and data technology allow us to calculate return-on-investment and return-on­-value statements.

Workpartners can provide third-party administrative (TPA) services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, West Virginia, and Virginia. We have been providing workers’ compensation third-party administrator services to public and private clients of all sizes since 1997. Our approach allows us to address data conversion, case management, physician peer review, strong analytical safety support, safety committee support, medical cost containment, OSHA reporting, and other complementary services for work-related claims.

Positioned to succeed

While we proudly make Pittsburgh our headquarters, we strive to work with brokers and consultants across the nation. We maintain additional operations throughout the U.S., including our two Mountain West locations of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Loveland, Colo.

We firmly believe that widespread success requires collaboration from all levels of an organization—starting with leaders. At Workpartners, we have strong leaders who are dedicated to innovation. This is a boon for both our company and all of our partners. Our leaders support and empower us in continuing to expand across the country.


Success in the spotlight

We are proud to be part of UPMC. Being part of this academic medical center allows us to study and deliver innovations that help businesses maximize the investment they are making in their employees’ health and wellness. Workpartners offers award-winning clinical services, such as Take a Healthy Step, to help employees make changes that lead to reduced costs for businesses.

As an organization, we value partnership. We are thankful to have dedicated partners like you who are key in our continued success. We look forward to the work that we will do to accomplish our collective goals.

Rest assured that you have our full support every step of the way, and we’ll be by your side through challenges, growth, and success.

Let’s go after our goals and grow our success—together!

Pat Kalnas
Vice President, Business Development, Sales, and Product Marketing, Workpartners


Beth Stutzman
Associate Vice President, Business Development, Sales, and Product Marketing, Workpartners


Where we've been

At the recent DMEC Annual Conference, Workpartners' thought leaders presented with a client on driving compliant leave programs. In addition, we discussed pain points and how to create a proactive strategy to curb compliance inefficiencies and manage a successful leave program.

Thank you to those that stopped by our booth or joined the session! If you were not able to attend, we encourage you to explore our website for additional resources discussing our integrated solutions. We look forward to seeing you next time!


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