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Men’s Health—Tips Throughout the Decades

Staying on top of our health is important, especially as we age! Our health needs change as we grow older, and staying mindful of them can make our health a priority.

Your 20s—It is time to start the habit of health. Eat a balanced diet, be active daily, use sunscreen, and get eight hours of sleep.

Your 30s—Life is busier with careers and family life, but continue to exercise and keep up with nutrition habits. Schedule yearly screenings with your doctor.

Your 40s—Start seeing your doctor regularly for your heart and prostate. Continue regular wellness checks, eat a healthy diet, and be physically active.

Your 50s—Now is the time to start getting a colonoscopy screening. Joints can start becoming sore—keep active with swimming or a bike ride.

Your 60s—Keep your mind active. Try joining a local club. Make sure to stay engaged with friends and family members.

Your 70s and beyond—Start keeping yourself and your home safe. Remove tripping hazards, be mindful of activity, be informed of your medications, and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Throughout the decades, remember to stay up to date with your vaccinations. They help to protect you and others around you from certain illnesses. Everyone should get the flu shot every year and the COVID-19 vaccine as often as is recommended. Talk with your doctor about what vaccines you may need.

Stay up to date with your health! Call Member Services to help find a doctor or get help
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This information does not replace the advice of a doctor