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Prevent Burnout with Daily Self Care

Your health matters! It’s easy to get wrapped up in your responsibilities. Your health (and the well-being of those you care for) relies on how you balance daily demands with rest and relaxation. Don’t get burned out!

Signs of burnout:

  • Feeling physically or mentally exhausted
  • Being unable to see the value in things
  • Finding it difficult to care about the
    activities of your daily life
  • Having a series of days, weeks, or
    months when you feel stressed or easily

To prevent burnout, practice daily self-care:
Throughout the day, ask yourself:

  • Have I eaten enough?
  • What types of food am I craving?
  • Am I thirsty?
  • Do I need a break?
  • Do I need more rest?
  • Do I need to stretch or take a walk?
  • Am I stressed? What can I do about it?
  • How well am I able to focus?
  • Am I able to stay present when it counts?
  • What do I need in this moment to function
    at my best?

You also can:

  • Manage your workload. Learn how to say no to things that will exhaust you and ask for help with things that are truly important.
  • Take a break. Your body needs sleep to repair itself, and your brain needs downtime to learn, grow, and make sense of your experiences.
  • Set boundaries. Keep your work and personal responsibilities separate. Make time for the people and things you enjoy.
  • Eat, sleep, move, and hydrate. Your body will respond to stress better if you cover these basics.
  • Make a list. Keep a list handy of stress management techniques, activities you enjoy, and things you can do that are comforting.

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